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"Love this Candle!! It has a subtle lavender scent with a hint of lemon!! Can’t wait to burn this in my bedroom .. it will be the perfect relaxation candle !!" -Anna


"This candle smells just like brewed coffee! I walked into my house with the candle lit and I thought someone had brewed a fresh cup of coffee! Perfect for coffee Lovers!  I highly recommend this scent for your kitchen!" ~Mindy


"Smells amazing!  Very fragrant and it's in the cutest candle jar with cork lid!" ~Emily


"I have purchased other candles from In the Farm and again this candle was just as wonderful as the others!  A fresh clean scent, burns beautifully and anyone coming into the house says '"It smells so good in here!"  will be back for more." ~Susan


"Smells amazing and burns great" ~Chrystal



"This is the most amazing candle!! So fresh with a nice  hint of sweet!! Absolutely love it!!" ~Olga


"THE BEST candle yet! I’ve ordered 4! The pineapple and the mint with the rum...most amazing combination.  Not too sweet, not flowery, not food like.  Perfect crisp warm  (if that makes sense) summer scent! Reeeally really good!!!" ~Tina


"So far this is my absolute favorite candle !!!" ~Anna O


"Such an amazing candle. The scent has many layers that fit the name perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more candles!" ~Monsie


"This candle is a mood changer! It makes me Happy! I absolutely LOVE it! It smells so clean! The mint and pineapple mixture is the BEST scent! Love Love! :)" ~Mindy


"I bought this candle based on  the name and it delivers! I love the smell and hope it will be available next time I buy!" ~Carrie